CDC: Americans with Diabetes Increase by More Than 3 Million in 2 Years

Nearly 24 million Americans had diabetes in 2007 — an increase of more than 3 million in 2 years — according to the CDC.


The data, released online in the CDC’s National Diabetes Fact Sheet, show that:

  • Diabetes is diagnosed in 18 million people and undiagnosed in 6 million.
  • Among adults, the condition has increased in both sexes and in all age groups; it now occurs in about 11% of people aged 20 or older and 23% aged 60 or older.
  • The diabetes rate is highest in Native Americans/Alaska natives, 16%; followed by blacks, 12%; Latinos, 10%; Asian Americans, 8%; and whites, 7%.
  • Diabetes was the seventh leading cause of death in 2006.
  • The direct medical costs of diabetes in 2007 were $116 billion.


CDC press release (Free)

National Diabetes Fact Sheet (Free PDF)